<h3>Dunia Reverter</h3>Passionate about transformation, execution and impact, Dunia believes in changing the world every day through the impact of her actions and interactions with people. Dunia’s 20 year career started in manufacturing, and then moved to Financial Services. She has undertaken large-scale transformation and turnaround initiatives for companies such as Saint Gobain Corporation, General Electric, Aviva, and Lloyds Banking.

Dunia Reverter

<h3>Heidi Kharbhih</h3>Passionate humanitarian and a talented statistician with an uncanny ability to get to the heart of business issues, having 20 years proven experience of designing and implementing change across manufacturing, retail, health and financial services. Heidi's natural management style is one of authenticity, trust, empowerment and collaboration: guiding individuals to follow their passions, encouraging diversity and providing a safe environment for others to flourish, be creative and recognise their potential.

Heidi Kharbhih

<h3>Karin Tenelius</h3>Inspired by studying service management, reading books by Ricardo Semler, Karin developed a radical, practical way of developing, organizing and leading companies and workplaces that allow groups of employees to impact and take charge of the business they are involved in. This creates extraordinary results. Founder of Tuff Ledarskapsträning (Tuff leadership Training), specialising in training managers in the skills needed to lead in a more involving way. Karin also own a few companies that are employee driven.

Karin Tenelius

<h3>Audrey Besson</h3>Passionate about driving change and discovering the world Audrey has lived in 8 different countries and worked in various roles as a change agent. With over ten years of experience at GE as a CFO and Strategic Manager she has experience in change management, process improvement, integration and strategic planning across both manufacturing and financial services sectors. She is also a certified leadership coach. She recently created her own company “Arrived with kids” which is set to launch in 2017. She lives in Portugal with her husband and 4 children.

Audrey Besson

<h3>Patrick Andrews</h3>Co-founder of the Human Organising Co, who work to enable organisations to free up their people to be the best they can be. Working with structures, culture and management practices to help liberate people whilst encouraging participation and individual and collective responsibility. People are capable of amazing things, given the right conditions. In an organisation, those conditions include the organisational structures and processes, the culture and the stories that people tell themselves.

Patrick Andrews

<h3>Vivien Hunt</h3>Transformational Coach, Change Catalyst and Culture Transformer, with 20 years international work experience on global Human Resources, Business Transformation projects, Coaching & Facilitation, People Development, Culture Change & Ways of Working and Employee Engagement. Trustee and board member of The Gumboots Foundation, a successful UK charity supporting community lead projects in South Africa, focusing on children and education.

Vivien Hunt

<h3>Sarah Jupp dos Santos</h3>Regional Tutor and Marketing and Communications Officer at Buckhurst Hill. Sarah has 15 years industry experience within Marketing, Communications, Compliance, Trade planning and Range management. Highly technically skilled with a Master of Pharmacy, CHE Counselling and Counselling Skills.

Sarah Jupp dos Santos

<h3>Antonia Gineva</h3>Experienced Public Policy professional with an emphasis on financial markets and EU regulation. Alternate member for Bulgaria on both the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) Board of Supervisors and the European Systemic Risk Board. Former judge. Recent Initiatives include Financial Education, Market Risk in the Non-Banking Sector, Consumer Protection in Financial Services.

Antonia Gineva

<h3>Lisa Gill</h3>Director at Reimaginaire and Tuff Consultant. Lisa works with professionals to reimagine their organisations, bringing people practices and ways of working into the 21st century. She is particularly interested in self-management and alternatives to hierarchical structures. Most companies have untapped human potential, creativity and intelligence and Lisa helps people liberate this through sharing tools and facilitating workshops. Lisa is also a writer and qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner.

Lisa Gill

<h3>Hugo Lopes</h3>Game changer and a collaboration catalyst, helping individuals, teams and organizations collaborate and thrive together, creating innovative and highly effective projects and solutions. Passionate Agile Coach, Facilitator, Scrum Master and Project Manager. Founder and Chief Operations Officer of a (gourmet) software development and integration company based in Lisbon.

Hugo Lopes

<h3>Bridget Condon</h3>10 years experience at NBC Universal and Universal Pictures International as Vice President of Operational Finance, Finance Director and Financial Controller with technical specialism in Business Strategy, Economics and Social Studies.

Bridget Condon


<h3>Joshua Vial</h3>

Joshua Vial

<h3>Susan Basterfield</h3>

Susan Basterfield

<h3>Prakash Prabhakar</h3>

Prakash Prabhakar

<h3>Dan Levine</h3>Global executive with 20 years of experience as a private equity operating partner and in senior finance roles at General Electric. Passionate about creating shareholder value with demonstrated success across a wide range of industries and company situations; including due diligence, acquisitions, divestitures, and turnarounds in both interim management, board and support roles.

Dan Levine

<h3>Henri Lipmanowicz</h3>

Henri Lipmanowicz

<h3>Tom Davidson</h3>

Tom Davidson

<h3>David Thomas</h3>

David Thomas

<h3>Maria Llanos</h3>

María Llanos

<h3>Anna Vázquez</h3>

Anna Vázquez

<h3>Fernando Polo</h3>Partner & CEO at Good Rebels, Digital Transformation, Social Business Consulting & Agency in 5 countries, working with clients like Santander, Ikea, Toyota, Inditex (Zara), Spotify. Operations and marketing manager at Internet services companies. Web 2.0 start-up co-founder and process and organisational change consultant. Speaker and author of two books on digital marketing and leadership: Socialholic and Leadertarians.

Fernando Polo

<h3>Montse Espuñes</h3>

Montse Espuñes

<h3>William Charlton</h3>

William Charlton

<h3>Graham Boyd</h3>

Graham Boyd

<h3>David Sunden</h3>

David Sunden


The Meeting Point

How it all began in Cascais, Portugal, in January 2016

[3 minutes]

Finding our purpose

Guincho team exploration exercises to find our common purpose

[2 minutes]

Making it Happen

Guincho team collaboration and initial impressions

[3 minutes]


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